1. When is the best time to clean my turf?
    In our opinion, the best time to clean your turf is in the evening. The reason is after the live enzymes from the bottle touches the surface it needs the hose water to move around to destroy the bad bacterial spores which causes the bad odor. Evening time, the sun will not absorb the moisture as quickly.
  2. What is the fragrance of PE-51?
    We are famous for having the best scent for artificial grass because of our "Fresh Cut Grass" smell. If you grew up in the suburbs, you recognize it immediately: the sweet, sharp smell of someone mowing a lawn. As it wafts into your nostrils, it somehow manages to smell exactly like the color green.
  3. After installation of your products, can I use regular water to keep the top of the turf wet?
    Yes, just sprinkle the turf. Do not drench the turf. You want to keep some of the enzymes on top the turf for as long as you can. When you installed the product the first time, some of the enzymes have worked its way to the bottom of the turf. This is a good thing! Now you are working the whole system.
  4. Why is evening time the best time?
    Urine odors are most likely coming from the bottom of the turf. As the heat rises, the more the smell becomes noticable. This is due to bacterial spores and ammonia growing / rising. The reason evening time is best (in our opinion) is when the weather is cooler, the enzymes can move around freely under the turf killing the bad bacteria. The underlayment under the turf will stay wet in the evening. Once the bad bacteria are gone, the enzymes die.
  5. How do I install the enzyme cleaner?
  6. PE-51 is concentrated - What does this mean?
    Most products you see online are not concentrated (which are usually much cheaper) They have their diluting agent removed or reduced. Concentrated often refers to a liquid solution that’s very strong. If you use a concentrated cleaning product, you might need to mix it with water before using it. By using our 32 oz bottle with the garden hose nozzle, the live liquid enzymes are siphoned up out of the bottle by suction of the flowing water and mixing as it sprays out of the nozzle.
  7. Is your cleaners concentrated?
    All of our liquid products we sell on this site are concentrated to the highest content.
  8. Does PE-51 work with any synthetic turf infill?
    Yes, PE-51 was specifically made for synthetic turf and any type of infill including Rubber, Poly coated silica sand, ZeoFill or zeolite. The "Live Liquid" cleans the inside of the granules better than any product on the market because our enzymes are not made from a powder.
  9. Why do you think your enzyme cleaner is better than others?
    Our enzymes are made with “Live Liquid” enzymes. We never turn our enzymes into a powder before shipping. Our live liquid enzymes will not turn your surfaces or your animal white.
  10. How can I tell if my product is live liquid?
    Most powdered enzymes will create a ring at the bottom of a container after it has been sitting for a few days. The powdered enzymes is diluted and does not contain the strength that non-powdered enzymes contain. Some will disagree with this statement. If you are using ZeoFill infill, then it is best to use a live liquid. The powder could clog the ZeoFill infill. In most cases, our products are less expensive then the other concentrated brands.
  11. Is your live liquid enzymes safe for animals?
    Absolutely yes. Our product can be sprayed on real sod, cement, plants, rocks, fencing and most other surfaces without worry of turning your areas white. You can spray our “Live Liquid” enzymes while your animals are on the turf. It will not hurt your animals.
  12. Why not other type of cleaners such as chlorine based products?
    There are products out there that use a chlorinated system which is not good for your pets. Would you spray bleach on your dog? I think not!
  13. If the artificial turf gets wet or rained on after application, does it need to be reapplied?
    Depends on the amount of rain. The enzymes in our products need water to be able to move around and destroy the bad bacterial spores. Light rain would be perfect in this case. On the other hand, if there is a heavy downpour for a long period of time, then the ground under the turf will absorb all the enzyme cleaner , hence you would have to reapply the enzyme cleaner when needed. In most cases, you will not have to reapply after a heavy downpour with or without an enzyme cleaner.
  14. How long is the lifespan of your products?
    Manufacture says 30 years but I haven’t tested it that long. They say the ingredients all are of high quality which have a lifespan of 30 years. I suppose you would need to shake the container ever so often to keep the enzymes alive just like you would have to start your car ever so often to keep the battery alive.
  15. What is the difference between PE-51 and BioFresh?
    PE-51 and BioFresh are the same ingredient. PE-51 is marketed for outside, and has a “Fresh Cut Grass” scent. BioFresh is marketed for inside use, and has a Lavender scent. Both can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.
  16. Can I purchase your products without using the site?
    Unfortunately no sorry. Our system is online based with McAfee and is highly Protected against fraud. Our computers in our offices do not have credit card capabilities. If you live in the San Bernardino area or the High Desert, then you can come to our office and pay cash or check.
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