ZeoFill Cool Aggregate

ZeoFill Cool Aggregate -  In-expensive All Weather Sport Field Infill
Introducing the latest and safest in artificial turf cooling improvements.
ZeoFill Cool Aggregates are engineered with heat reflective, molecular structured and advanced U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures. A series of solar panel tests indicate that artificial grass featuring ZeoFill Cool Aggregate successfully reduces turf temperatures by 30% and up to 20 degrees! That’s a difference that you can feel.
Don’t let the heat interfere with your sports activities. ZeoFill Cool Aggregates makes any outdoor event a cool and pleasant experience. It’s perfect for any sports field, commercial property, public park, or municipality. Like all of our turf  products, it’s safe for children and is pet friendly!
ZeoFill Cool Aggregates is now featured on the majority of our best-selling products. Our products are guaranteed to last while you cool your heels on your turf for years to come! Experience the difference for yourself.
All Weather Sport Fields that utilize crumb rubber and silica sand started to be used since 1996.  Today there are hundreds of fields across the United States.  Since 1996 players and owners have had growing concerns with the infill systems that are on the market today.  The concerns weather true or not range from; high surface temperatures, crumb rubber containing chemicals (which has not been proven), bacteria, MRSA, pungent odor’s, abrasiveness of the surface, Prop 65 use of Silica Sand and players inhaling dust from silica sand,  Some artificial grass infill options that are being used today to get away from the traditional infill are Organic’s, Envirofill, Copper slag, TPE, TPV, Flexsand, Recycled Infill Materials.  However owners have found these products to be very expensive to the project and some of them require a major amount of maintenance and water overtime.
Solution: A product named ZeoFill® born in 2008 made out of a natural organic resource from the earth. It is different than any other infill because ZeoFill® is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs the water like a magnet and holds it for slow release to cool the surface temperatures.  You can use your existing irrigation to water the field before practice and not have the humidity raise dramatically as it does today on older fields.  The surface will stay cool for much longer periods of time.  
One of the many health benefits that ZeoFill® provides is the Infill will pull any gases towards itself and hold it in it's cavity. Also, when rainwater flows through the granule, it captures any negative toxins gases from rubber (if any) before traveling to waste water collection tanks virtually cleaning the water. 
The nicest part of ZeoFill® when pertaining to sport field application is that you are not reinventing the wheel so to speak.  The difference in using ZeoFill® over silica sand is you gain the benefits of a cooler surface, less pungent rubber smell, no harmful silica sand dust which increase chances of silicosis, collection of bacteria from the surface and helps clean waste water run-off. 
Your project budget is not being taxed, your maintenance is not changing, your watering is not increasing everything you do today or plan on doing when building a new field all remains the same.